Listening to your customers expands your market

G Force Performance Products is a leading manufacturer of crossmembers for the automotive industry. Although a bestseller, customers requested a lighter version of the product. For race car drivers, as well as car enthusiasts, the impact of added weight is a critical consideration for every modification they make to their cars. At roughly 30 pounds, many clients found the G Force crossmembers too heavy to use.

With the help of Advanced, G Force reengineered their top five crossmembers to weigh 50% less than the previous models. At approximately fifteen pounds, the newly designed products retained the high-quality customers have come to expect from G Force. Yet, the lighter weight makes them a more practical choice for a broader range of their clients. As an added benefit, the lower weight significantly reduced shipping costs, a direct savings that could be passed along to the consumer.

Bring your clients’ suggestions to life. Advanced helps you expand your market by reengineering your performance products from start to finish.

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